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Closed waterways
Almelo Nordhorn canal
Apeldoorn canal
Bergen Condé canal
Berry canal
Berry canal
Berry canal
Bray sur Seine to La Tombe canal
Canal de Lalinde
Canal de Nantes a Brest 4/9
Canal de Nantes a Brest 6/9
Canal de Nantes a Brest 7/9
Canal du Centre (B) closed part
Canal du Mignon
Canal from Wassy to Saint Dizier
Canal of Bruche
Canal of Castile
Canal of Deurne and Helenavaart
Canal of Huningue
Canal of Orleans
Canal of Stekene
Coevorden Piccardie canal
Coevorden Zwinderen canal
Colme canal
Eindhoven canal
Maastricht Liege Canal
Marseille Rhône canal
Neer canal